Blogging about blogging

  • Date: March 5, 2018
  • Author: Pamela

There is a bit of irony when writing a blog post about why your business should be blogging.  The DRN blog has been active for nine months now and I hope that you have found some valuable information within our thirty-four blog posts. 

As a business owner you may be asking yourself if you should have a blog or why you need a blog. Let’s take a moment to address some of the benefits of blogging.

  • Drives traffic
    • Anytime you can drive more traffic to your website is a plus, and while readers are on your blog they may venture to other pages on your website.  Possibly resulting in a sale!
  • Make search engines happy
    • Search engines, such as Google, like websites that have changing and new material added to them.  By having a blog and posting at least once a week you are satisfying search engine’s expectations.
  • Establishes you as an expert in your field
    • You know the goods and services you sell better than anyone else.
    • Blogs also give your business a personable touch, making you more relatable to customers.
  • Shareable material
    • How did you find today’s blog post?  Facebook? Twitter? LinkedIn? Practically everyone is on social media on one or more platforms.
    • Blog posts are easy to share and re-share across all forms of social media, therefore your message is spread faster.
  • Marketing
    • A blog is a great way to share upcoming events or new releases.
    • Build some suspense by giving a sneak peek into a new product.
    • Use your blog as another gateway to market your business and goods.

If you have been on the fence about adding a blog to your website don’t wait another day.  Jump in with both feet and give it a try.