Digital Conversion Wrap Up

  • Date: March 19, 2018
  • Author: Tim Steinwand - Digital TV Conversion Lead

Hello!  This is Tim Steinwand, Digital TV Conversion lead here at DRN.  As of March 1, 2018, DRN started its conversion to all Digital TV.  The process began with us removing about half of our digital channels on March 1st.  After that our technicians needed to do some balancing of our TV system after the removal of those channels.  Next, on March 7th, a large number (about 2/3) of the in the clear channels were encrypted.  On March 12th, the rest of the analog channels were removed.  Within the next couple of weeks the remainder of the in the clear channels will be encrypted.  When this final step in the process is done, there will not be any DRN channels available without the use of a DRN set top box or MCard device on all TV’s.  If you do need boxes for additional TV’s, go to to order.

Even though these steps are the ones that customers can see, there are a lot of things that will be going on in the background now due to the all-digital platform. We now will be able to offer some channels in High Definition that previously could not be offered because of contractual obligations of having analog SD channels on our system. Also, we will be able to balance our system to give us a more reliable, higher quality signal for the channels that we currently have.  In the future, we will have the opportunity to add additional HD channels if they contractually become available. 

One of the other features that we will now be able to offer is premium channel previews.  Since our system is now all digital and  all encrypted, we can administer these previews through our DTA boxes on a system wide scale, which we could not do before.

Speaking of premium channels, I also wanted to let you know about our premium channel offerings.  If you get premium channels from DRN, they are available on all TV’s in your household now because of the digital conversion. 

For sports fans, our premium sports pak is only $3.95 per month and includes 15 sports channels, including the Big 10 networks, Fox Sports North Plus, and 10 Fox College Sports channels.

For movie fans, we offer five different packages to satisfy almost any taste.  HBO (6 channels-$15.95), Cinemax (8 channels-$12.95), Showtime (10 channels-$12.95), Starz (13 channels-$12.95) and Plex (3 channels-$4.95) are the movie paks that we offer. 

Finally, the last thing I’d like to inform you about is our Watch TV Everywhere offering.  If you have the Ultimate Family TV Pak (UFTV), at no additional charge, you receive our WTVE service.  This allows you to watch several channels in the UFTV pak on your mobile devices or computers.  So, if you are away from home, you still will not miss your favorite shows with WTVE.  Please check out more information on WTVE at:

Thanks to all of you for your patience during our Digital TV conversion.  Happy TV watching!