Signs of Summer

  • Date: April 23, 2018
  • Author: Sonja Bommersbach - HR Manager

Spring has sprung, but at DRN signs of summer are surfacing as we wrap up the interview process and make offers for our summer internships.  In 2001, DRN created a summer internship program in our marketing department.  Fast forward seventeen years, our summer internship program is going strong and has grown into other areas of the business including operations, IT, and accounting.

The benefits of the internship to the interns and DRN are many.  The interns gain valuable experience and exposure to a professional working environment with the opportunity to apply what they are learning in real time, work scenarios.  DRN provides mentorship to the interns and helps them develop the skills they are acquiring at school and an employment opportunity that allows them to come “home” for the summer.  DRN also has the unique opportunity to potentially see the interns return in the future for full time employment opportunities.  In 2015, we realized this benefit when a previous marketing intern returned to DRN for full time employment.  Others have gained employment in the industry as well.  One DRN intern went on to work for the National Telecommunications Cooperative Association and another began their career after graduation at a North Dakota sister cooperative.    

Further supporting the many benefits, a Gallup Blog titled “Why Colleges Should Make Internships a Requirement”, shows recent graduates who graduated from 2002-2016 who had a relevant job or internship while in school were more than twice as likely to acquire a good job immediately after graduation. More than 42% of the graduates who strongly agree they had a relevant job or internship as an undergraduate had a good job waiting for them upon graduation, compared with just 20% of those who did not strongly agree (Busteed and Auter, 2017).

Aiding in attracting talent and further enhancing the internship, DRN internships are paid positions.  As a technology based business, DRN has benefited as a past recipient of matching funds from North Dakota’s Operation Intern program.  For more information on the program, go to

DRN looks forward to our summer interns joining our team each year.  We value the connections made and opportunities for all of us to learn from each other.  Summer flies by in a blink and it’s always bittersweet when August rolls around and we bid our interns farewell.  You can catch DRN’s 2018 rising stars shining brightly at various PR events throughout the summer, out in the field, or at our headquarters.  Stay tuned, summer is on the way!