• Date: April 12, 2018
  • Author: Kent Schimke - Operations Manager

If you have been called by a phone number that you recognize or the caller ID displays a friend or neighbors name or even your own phone number however, the person talking on the other end is in fact no one you know, that phone number and caller ID information has likely been spoofed.

"Spoofing" occurs when a caller deliberately falsifies the information transmitted to your caller ID display to disguise their identity. If no harm is caused or intended spoofing is not illegal, even though it is a nuisance. In some cases, spoofing can be permitted by courts for people who have legitimate reasons to hide their information such as law enforcement agencies working on cases, victims of domestic abuse, or doctors who wish to discuss private medical matters.

Spoofing is illegal when the person or entity spoofing the caller ID information and phone number intends to defraud, cause harm or wrongly obtain anything of value. One may not be able to tell right away if they are answering a spoofed call, so it is imperative that you be very cautious when responding with any personally identifying information. Anyone who is illegally spoofing can face penalties of up to $10,000 for each violation. If you have been a victim of illegal spoofing activities, or you think the rules for protecting the privacy of your telephone number have been violated by spoofing, you can file a complaint with the FCC.

DRN does have capabilities through features built into our landline telephone services that can block ROBO calls or automated calls. The ROBO call block feature can be added to your landline service for a monthly fee and though it may not block all spoofed calls it will block most that are computer generated. Computer generated spoofed calls seem to be a clear majority of the nuisance calls. Robocall Blocking Service works to provide protection of our members from unwanted calls, whether they be robocalls, spam, nuisance, fraudulent calls, political campaigns, charities, telemarketers, etc. If you would like more information on Robocall Blocking services please contact DRN.