What is the Internet of Things?

  • Date: November 13, 2017
  • Author: Danielle Whitaker - Network Assistant

You’ve probably heard the term before as the advances in technology continue to grow. The Internet of Things often time seen as IoT is literally what it sounds like, things with internet. Pretty much anything with power and internet or WIFI capabilities. The Internet of Things include everything from cars, to lights, air conditioners/heaters, headphones, washing machine, refrigerators etc. the list goes on. It also applies to components of machines as well so the jet engine of an airplane or even the controller of an HVAC unit, could have internet access. Some cars have LTE capabilities equivalent to your cell phone.  So where is the internet of things headed? Eventually your alarm clock will ring in the morning and be able to communicate with the coffee machine to get the coffee brewing. Or if you’re out of town and someone needs something from your house you can unlock the doors from virtually anywhere. The possibilities are literally endless. You will soon start seeing smart cities as well which will help reduce waste and improve efficiency in things such as energy. You will start to see smart construction on buildings where if there is damage the infrastructure has sensors that will communicate out to the proper personnel, so they can fix it. You get the idea however, with this great opportunity and advancement comes great responsibility. You can imagine what bad things could happen if someone let’s say hacked your car or your light system or even the engine on an airplane. As the IoT continue to progress and advance the need for security is only going to grow larger. With that, if you are implementing IoT devices think about how you’re going to keep them secure as well.  I would suggest configuring a separate network in your home specifically for IoT devices.  Also keeping up to date on the firmware updates is critical, on both the devices and your router.