10 Ways to Use Social Media to Promote Your Event

  • Date: July 16, 2018
  • Author: Pamela Henningsen - Multi-Media Specialist

What do you do when your business is holding an event and the traditional posters, newspaper and radio ads are not reaching the audience that you want it to?  Easy! Time to turn to social media. Seventy-six percent of Facebook users check it every day! Here are 10 easy ways to use social media to promote your event. 

  1. Create a catchy hashtag -  keep it pertinent, short and unique.  Encourage participants to use the hashtag when posting about the event. This will help to create a social buzz for your event. 
  2. Create a Facebook event – this is a separate page just for your event.  Here you can post all the details about your up and coming event.  It will also provide a place for attendees to network and share information.
  3. Facebook Ads – Use Facebook ads to promote your event.  For a small investment you can target the exact audience you are hoping to reach with your event.
  4. Highlight the headliner – bringing in a special speaker?  Having a regional band perform?  Highlight them with pictures that include quotes from them.  Ask them to provide you with a personalized video of how excited they are to come to the event.
  5. #TBT – Is this an annual event?  Pull pictures and video from last year to create a highlight reel of all the fun last year’s attendees had.
  6. Create a contest – hold a contest across multiple social media platforms for free tickets to the event.  Have contestants use your catchy hashtag in some way to be entered.
  7. Poll the audience – create more hype by asking what the audience is most looking forward to through a Facebook poll.
  8. Behind the scenes – give your audience a peek into all the prep work going on.  Both video and pictures work great for this.  Click here to catch an example of the sneak peek from our recent ReadiTech Tech Camp.
  9. Don’t forget Snapchat – create your own Snapchat filter.  Filters are quick and easy to create.  Be sure to include your hashtag!
  10. Go live – whether it is on Facebook or Instagram take a moment to go live.  Using live video during your event shows those that did not attend what they are missing.

Next time you are hosting an event try using two, five or all 10 of these suggestions.  Happy posting!