DRN is a GIG Certified provider! With our Gigabyte speeds, we are able to offer the fastest Internet speeds in the area. 

Smart Rural Community is a network of providers committed to driving growth and creating opportunities for their communities.

Whether you want to email photos to family and friends, browse the Internet for educational purposes or work on-line, with DRN’s service you will feel secure in knowing we provide every customer with valuable tools—5 email accounts, Junk Mail Manager (Spam/Virus e-mail filter), 24-hour help desk support and webmail.

We also offer two valuable services to make sure your computer is fully protected online.

First, DRN offers a fully integrated and fully managed corporate level service, called Web Guardian that provides protection from:

  • Viruses, worms, & Trojan horses
  • Internet pop-ups
  • Spyware & adware
  • Common disk performance issues.

Second, we offer a simple, secure, automatic, and managed Online Backup solution. With DRN Online Backup, we guarantee your files and data are safely stored in a remote location. And we are here to help you retrieve the files if needed.

Now there’s a better way to bring home your Internet service while feeling like the world is yours.


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