Online Backup

Data SecurityOnline Backup provides easy, automatic, and secure backup of your important business data.

Managed and Monitored Online Backup Service from DRN

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What is your business doing to protect your computer files including financial and tax records, customer contacts and orders and employee information? What would happen to this data in the event of hardware failure, human error, theft and viruses or natural disasters such as floods and fires? With Managed Online Backup from DRN, you never need to worry about threats like this again. Our Managed Online Backup will keep all of your computer files safe and available to you via on-demand recovery in the event of a disaster. Files are encrypted with the same security that banks and credit unions use —256-bit encryption — then safely stored in a remote location. They are also managed and monitored by DRN technicians who review reports daily to make sure all systems are functioning correctly. DRN continuously monitors the system to ensure all data is successfully backed up as scheduled.

  • Online backup can be installed on all computers in your home or office
  • Schedule the automatic backup at a specific time or every 30 minutes
  • Free 24/7 Technical Support

DRN to guarantee your files and data are safely stored in a remote location. Ideal for businesses or residential.

  • Single Site Backup for $0.30 per GB (Ellendale Site).
  • Licensing is $2.00 for a single computer.
  • $7.00/ for multiple computers or servers.
  • The minimum amount of storage a customer can purchase is 10GB.
  • Fees listed are monthly fees.
  • DRN will access the storage needs for each customer. A 10% storage space buffer is required for backups and expansion. Example–Customer A has a need for a 50GB online backup, 55 GB is used and billed accordingly.

DRN does the installation with the customer’s assistance via a TeamViewer Session. The customer chooses what to backup, and then forgets it. Online Backup does the rest. Never again worry about accidental deletion of files, hard drive failures, lost data from computer theft, or data loss from virus and spyware threats.

How much will 50 Gigabytes store?
  • 500,000 word documents or
  • 14,000 photos or
  • 12,000 music files
Technical Information
  • Operating System Support: All Windows Operating Systems, MAC and Linux
  • Requires High Speed Internet
  • File Protection Used is 256-bit encryption for transfer and storage

Safeguard the things that matter to you and never lose an important file again!