Crown Jewel of the Midwest

  • Date: December 4, 2018
  • Author: Mary Lou Sundby - Business Account Specialist

Have you ever heard or read something three or more separate times over the course of a few days?  I recently found this happening to me all because of an article shared on Facebook. It got me thinking, “you don’t know what you have until you hear it from an outside perspective”.  The article was titled, “How Did North Dakota Become the Crown Jewel of the Internet in the Midwest?”.  Of course, it grabbed my attention right away.  

This story, written for New America, credits co-ops and specifically mentions DRN, for being major internet players.  Co-ops in North Dakota are part of providing internet speeds three times the national average. Each resident living here and/or operating a business in our great state of North Dakota should be more than ecstatic!    This is national news people…how awesome is that! Click here to read the entire article.

And… on the same day as I sat down for my monthly chamber meeting, the president starts by saying, “hey, I just read the coolest article” and goes on to share exactly what I had just read on Facebook.  Now, I’m really starting to perk up.  Hey, this news is hitting home!   People are realizing we really do have something special right here in our own great state and available in our own great communities.  

Once again, this same information was shared at a conference I attended sponsored by North Dakota Senator, John Hoeven, and Dakota Carrier Network (DCN).  The conference was the State of Technology 2018 held in Fargo.  This was an amazing conference featuring speakers from the state and across the nation including Doug Burgum, North Dakota Governor; Andrei lancu, Under Secretary of Commerce for Intellectual Property Director USPTO; and Linda McMahon, Administrator of U.S. Small Business Administration. We also heard from local entrepreneurs and their success stories of how technology has changed their lives. One of those local entrepreneurs, Zoe Bundy, Fargo eighth grader and founder of Brainy Ladies, really stole the show!  This conference reminded me that we are capable of many great things right here in North Dakota because of our high-speed internet.

Again, I say to you, three times the news was shared that DRN and other cooperatives are making a difference for you, our customers.  Providing 100% fiber optics with speeds up to a gig of service that is not offered everywhere.  Read the article, look at the map shown and see what our great state offers.  I couldn’t be prouder to say that I am an employee of DRN.  We are committed to our mission of furnishing high-quality communications to consumers at competitive prices which will ensure long-term viability.  Our vision, to provide technology solutions to customers as a link to the world while maintaining our values of showing respect, being accountable, being dedicated, providing stellar service and working as a team. 

I encourage you to dream, look outside the box and take technology where you want to take it because you are capable of it right here in the “crown jewel” of the Midwest.