Do we still need a land line telephone?

  • Date: August 8, 2019
  • Author: Brenda Sand - Customer Care & Technical Support Supervisor

I remember when we all used to jump and run for the telephone when it rang. It was so exciting; having the mystery of wondering who was going to be on the other end of the line? Who was this mystery caller phoning in our house? Now when the landline rings no one moves from their chair while the phone continues to ring until the voice mail picks up. Or we casually walk over to check the caller id, hoping it is not a telemarketer or another political survey.  Besides if someone really wants to reach me, they will call my cellphone, if I recognize the number I will answer it. Those that are most important to me already have my cellphone number and I also have theirs, meaning their number will appear personalized on my cell phone.

A commonly heard reason for keeping a landline is “I like the phone book.” More and more members are going online to look up a phone number whether it be for an individual or more frequently to find a business number.  Using the phone book as a mailing address reference is not a very reliable source as many members may have their mail delivered to a PO BOX.   

Don’t I need my landline for emergencies? While a landline is the most reliable means of placing a 911 call, they are not the only way to place one.  Placing a 911 call with your cellphone is quick and effective but it will require you to know your physical location; whether this is with a 911 address (preferred) or directions to the location.   

“I’m keeping my landline because I want to keep earning capital credits.”  Did you know that you earn patronage on your Internet service?  Our accountant, Troy Radermacher, reflected on capital credits in his blog post in February of 2018, shortly after DRN officially removed the requirement to have a landline in January of 2018. 

Take a moment to analyze your landline usage….can you cut the cord?  Join the over 500 members have decided to cut the phone line just in 2019!  Call us today @ 344-5000 to see how easy it is to switch to Internet Only.