DRN Credits Members a Free Month of Service

  • Date: March 14, 2020
  • Author: Kent Schimke, DRN ReadiTech CEO/General Manager

DRN Board of Directors has approved a free month of service for all cooperative members who subscribe to Internet and/or landline phone service.  Members will notice a credit on their April 2020 statements.

There are seven pillars that lay the foundation for a cooperative.  One of the pillars is a Concern for the Community.  DRN’s service territory is very rural and our membership relies on the success of the farm economy.  Amid persistently low commodity prices and rising costs, farmers and ranchers continue to struggle with low and declining capital.

At a recent DRN board meeting, directors discussed ways it could help our community, neighbors, and friends.   “While the country’s economists argue about a potential recession or a slowing economy, DRN’s Board of Directors recognize the impact trade wars and low commodity prices have had on our local farm economy,” said Kent Schimke, DRN ReadiTech CEO/General Manager. 

“Whether or not you are directly involved in agriculture, lower commodity prices and unprecedented weather conditions have affected all our members.  From the grocery store to the implement dealers, our members are having to tighten their belts.  We, as a telecommunication cooperative, felt the need to help our friends and neighbors out during this weak farm economy which trickles down to all in our service territory,” said Ralph Neu, DRN board president. “Hence, we are offering all members a free month of credit*.”

The credit will be applied at an opportune time, just before April 15, tax filing date.  Cooperative members will see a $22.50 credit for their landline telephone and depending upon their service level agreement for Internet, could see a credit of $37.04 to $149.99.  Members will be responsible for any phone features such as Caller ID and Voice Mail, long distance charges along with the mandatory fees and taxes.

DRN has a long history of refunding patronage earned through capital credits. DRN has retired over $26 million dollars in capital credits since 1995. Members capital credit allocation is determined by the amount of business they do with DRN each year and DRN’s profit for that year.  Capital credits are allocated annually and may be retired at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

“While we realize this gesture will not make a huge financial difference, we hope it will show our communities and members that we care and that we as a cooperative are committed to the success of our farming community, which includes our schools, hospitals, first responders and small business owners,” said Neu.