DRN University

  • Date: December 27, 2017
  • Author: Sonja Bommersbach - HR Manager

Have you ever wondered how DRN employees gain the knowledge necessary to perform the work they do each day to better serve you, our valuable customers?  At DRN, we are proud to promote a learning environment.  Our Board of Directors understands the importance of training and invests in the education of DRN’s workforce.   

In cooperation with the Board, DRN’s Leadership Team is committed to employee development.  Various training opportunities and avenues are available.  Just as important, is commitment from employees to embrace the learning environment, take initiative, and transfer knowledge gained to their work.  Currently at DRN, six employees are enrolled in accredited colleges and/or universities working toward advanced degrees.  In the past month alone, several employees have obtained certifications specific to their roles including a Telecom Sales Certification, Microsoft Certification, Microsoft MCSA Server Certification, and a Certified Associate in Project Management Certification.  Close to 40% of DRN’s workforce holds certifications specific to their roles with others studying to pass exams in the short term.  Still, others attend workshops and conferences to stay up to date with the latest trends in technology and the industry.

Internally, in addition to regular safety training, we offer training on our specific products and services utilizing vendors, consultants, or DRN subject matter experts.  Our Multi-Media Specialist, Pamela Henningsen, uses technology to conduct training for employees at headquarters and remote offices through online training sessions and tutorials saving travel time and increasing productivity.   

You might say we have our own DRN University.  The commitment from DRN’s Board, leadership team and employees to invest in training to better serve you is something we take seriously.