Fiber Optics- Connecting You now and Beyond

  • Date: September 18, 2017
  • Author: Kent Schimke- Operations Manager

Generally, the definition of fiber optics is: the use of thin flexible fibers of glass that transmit light signals for telecommunications use. My definition is: the source in which rural North Dakotans are connected to the world.

Hello, my name is Kent Schimke I am DRNs Operations Manager. I have been employed at DRN for 17 years, I started my employment at DRN as an Outside Plant Technician when copper was still king. My time as an Outside Plant Technician was very rewarding and brought me great knowledge of DRN territory and DRN customers. I traveled many miles and visited many customer’s homes and businesses throughout the territory while locating cable, installing new services and trying my best to fix any problems customers may have had.

In those days when copper was “king” most service related issues were derived from the plant and copper cable itself from things like splices getting wet and corroding, mice chewing splices in pedestals, crossed cable pairs, etc., and the trouble could be at multiple locations along the way. Technicians worked more on the cable and the route to the customers premise rather than at the customer premise.

Today with fiber optics most of service related issues are derived at the Central Office or at the customer premise unless of course a backhoe or pocket gopher decides to bite the fiber in half. Remember to call before you dig! Dial 811.

Fiber Optics have offered advancements in technologies to thrive and move society into the future, the capacity of bandwidth and information one can send and receive over fiber optic connections seem to be endless and are only limited by the hardware that connects to the fiber.

DRN is very proud to say that we were one of the first providers to provide fiber optic connections to 100% of our customers. With advancements in technologies DRN is constantly investing and upgrading its fiber optic network to keep abreast of advancements so that DRN can provide its customers with the most advanced fiber optic connected services available now and beyond.