Managed Wi-Fi

Managed Whole Home Wi-Fi

Research shows that more than 50% of broadband households experience problems with their Wi-Fi. The way we use Wi-Fi is evolving rapidly. With more users, more devices, and more bandwidth-intensive applications, your home Wi-Fi needs to be better than ever before: fast, reliable and accessible from anywhere. With Managed Wi-Fi, you get the best possible online experience on every device, no matter where you go in your home.  
Upgrade your current Wi-Fi network to a high performance Mesh Wi-Fi network with our Managed Wi-Fi services.
Managed Whole Home Wi-Fi  $6.95/month
What's Included: 
  • Router *
  • 1 Access Point
  • One-time Wi-Fi assessment
  • Remote management & support
  • Wi-Fi password setup and recovery

Optional Set Up & Install: $50.00

Additional Access Points:  $3.95/mo

*Must be in a current Internet package. Customers may already have a leased Calix router.