Web Guardian: Anti-Virus

DRN offers a fully integrated and fully managed corporate level service, called Web Guardian that provides protection from:

  • Viruses, worms, & Trojan horses
  • Internet pop-ups
  • Spyware & adware
  • Common disk performance issues.

Web Guardian has access to the entire Amazon virus definition database remotely. This allows Web Guardian to use very little of your computers resources, creating much faster scans, and a definition database that is much more robust.

Web Guardian is $3.95/ machine.
*Webroot installed on 1 machine.

One-time supported install by DRN technician. Install prices may vary depending on computer virus status.

Web Guardian+ is $9.95/ month
* Residential customers only, requires a 1-year service contract.

- 2 Webroot licenses, additional licenses can be purchased for $1.95 per machine.
- Unlimited remote support for all of your networking and devices.
- Free Premise Visit on all on-site technician support. (Time and material charges still apply)


If you happen to get a virus after installing Web Guardian, DRN will remove the virus free of charge!


Disclaimer for Web Guardian and WebGuardian+

If customers allow access to their computers to any outside 3rd party repair center, (Via Legitimate or Illegitimate means) this action voids the DRN virus guarantee.  If customers have any questions on the validity of a 3rd party repair, they should always call DRN first. (344-5000).


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Anti-virus software is powered by Webroot.

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