Calling Features

Custom Calling Features

$5 one-time installation charge applies unless otherwise noted.


Allows subscribers to manage their own call services and settings. This fully customizable, web-based application includes a wide range of features including Call Forwarding, Voicemail Player, Visual Voicemail, etc. Click here for CommPortal instructions.

Click here for an Interactive Calling Feature Guide.

Caller ID

Lets you see the calling party’s name and/or phone number before you answer the phone. Caller ID may be purchased with just the calling name, just the calling number, or both name and number. Enhances security and helps eliminate harassing calls. DRN has Caller ID boxes available. Caller ID includes the following features:

Anonymous Call Rejection
When activated, this feature will route any incoming call that has its phone number blocked to a recording. Your phone will not ring.

Caller ID All Calls Blocking
Blocks your name and phone number when making a call. You are still listed in the Directory and Directory Assistance, unless you have a non-published number.

Caller ID Per Call Blocking
Free of charge on your telephone line. Blocks your name and phone number when making a call on a per call basis.

Call Waiting / 3-Way Calling

Call Waiting
Allows you to answer a second call when you’re already on the phone.

3-Way Calling?
Lets you add another person to the conversation.

Call Forwarding

Redirects your calls to another phone number.

Call Forwarding Remote Access
Allows you to activate and deactivate your call forwarding feature from any touch-tone phone.

Call Forwarding Busy Line
Allows you to send your calls to a different phone number when your line is busy.

Call Forwarding No Answer
Allows you to send your calls to another phone number after a specified time allotment.

Selective Call Forwarding
When someone on your phone list calls you, their call will ring to your forwarded phone.

Selective Call Rejection
Allows you to create a list of phone numbers from which you do not wish to receive calls.

Selective Call Acceptance
Callers not on your phone list will be routed to an announcement informing them their calls are not being accepted at this time.

Selective Distinctive Ringing/Call Waiting
Allows your phone to ring with a special ringing pattern or special call waiting tone if you are called by certain phone numbers.

DRN Conference Calling

Save time and travel expenses with DRN Conferencing. There’s no doubt about it–business travel can be costly both in terms of time and money. DRN’s conference calling service lets participants from many different locations join one phone call, making it ideal for business meetings, planning sessions, staff meetings, etc.

Speed Dial 8 or 30

Stores 8 or 30 numbers for fast, accurate dialing. You can call selected phone numbers quickly by dialing a short code.

Voice Mail

Will answer your phone calls while you are away OR while you are on the line. Great for Dial-Up Internet users as now all your calls will be answered. Replaces answering machines. Retrieve your messages from anywhere. Click here for Voice Mail instructions.

Is a voicemail feature that allows you to receive your voicemail messages from the convenience of your email inbox. The e-Forward feature is simple to use and easy to set up. If you are curious about this feature please click this link to find out more information.

Other Features

Automatic Call Back
Dial *66 to have your phone continuously redial a busy number. Eliminates the frustration of annoying busy signals.

Automatic Recall
Dial *69 to have your phone call back the last party who called you. Eliminates the aggravation of rushing to the phone only to find the person on the other end just hung up.

Call Wakeup
Your telephone can make sure you are on time for work, meetings, or other special events by calling you at a predetermined time of day.

Call Transfer
Allows you to transfer either a person who called you or a person you called.

Call Trace
Allows you to automatically trace the last incoming call you received. Traced call information is only provided to law enforcement agencies.

Safety Line
Increases the security and convenience of your telephone service. You can call a pre-determined telephone number simply by lifting the receiver.

Home Intercom
Allows you to call between buildings, i.e. house to barn, garage, or shop.

Call Blocking

Anonymous Call Rejection
Prevents calls from ringing on your phone from those callers who are blocking their number when calling you.

Custom Blocking with and without PIN?
Prevents international, 800 number, Directory Assistance and Operator Assisted calls from being dialed on your line.

Customer Toll Block
Prevents long distance (Toll) calls from being dialed on your line.

3rd # Call Restriction
Prevents billing back to your line when calls are made from other locations.

Collect Call Restriction
Collect calls may not be accepted.

3-Way Call Restriction
Three party calls may not be made from your line.

Custom Ring

Your line can have up to 6 phone numbers, with 3 different ringing patterns.


Calling Feature Price Per Month
Caller ID Name & Number $4.00
Caller ID All Calls Blocking FREE
Caller ID Per Call Blocking FREE
Call Waiting $2.00
3-Way Calling $2.00
Call Forwarding (customer programs) $2.00
Call Forwarding–Remote Access $2.00
Call Forwarding Busy Line $2.00
Call Forwarding No Answer $2.00
Selective Call Forwarding *63 $1.00
Selective Call Rejection *60 $1.00
Selective Call Acceptance *64 $1.00
Selective Distinctive Ringing/Call Waiting $1.00
DRN Conferencing $0.99
DRN Conferencing with recording $4.95
Speed Dial – 8# memory *74 $1.00
Speed Dial – 30# memory *75 $2.00
Blue Package – 5 mailboxes $5.95
Red Package – 3 mailboxes $4.95
White Package – 1 mailbox $3.95
Automatic Call Back *66 $3.00
Automatic Recall *69 $3.00
Call Wake-up *310 $1.00
Call Transfer $4.00
Call Trace $2.00
Safety Line $1.00
Home Intercom $1.00
Caller ID Name & Number Restriction (w/o non-list or non-published #) $1.00
Anonymous Call Rejection (w/o Caller ID) $1.00
Custom Blocking (No PIN) $1.00
Custom Blocking (with a PIN) $2.00
Customer Toll Block FREE
900 Number Restriction FREE 1st time only
3rd # Call Restriction FREE
Collect Call Restriction FREE
3-Way Call Restriction FREE 1st time only
Custom Ring
($20 installation charge)

- These restrictions do not alleviate customer responsibility for completed toll calls.