Set Top Boxes

Make any night Movie Night! With DRN’s Digital Box option you get access to all the latest HDTV programming and Premium Channels, right in the comfort of your own home. Get started with your TiVo set top box today and start experiencing all its advantages. Sign Up for a set top box! 

HD DVR Offerings

HD DVR $23.95

  • 1 TB internal hard drive (100+ hours)
  • Integrated with TiVo intuitive & easy-to-navigate user experience
  • Voice Activated Remote
  • 6 Digital Video Tuners
  • MoCA Home Networking Interface
  • Netflix app button on remote
  • Stream or download shows to mobile device using the free VU-IT! app - available on iOS or Android devices.

HD Streaming Box $5.95

  • TiVo User Interface - interactive guide
  • Universal search across platforms
  • Favorites and Parental Lock Features
  • Supports MoCA or Ethernet
  • One device, one remote control, one connection

Digital Box 

  • Receive all the HD channels even if your TV is not HD
  • Three digital boxes free -Includes interactive guide
  • Add’l Guided Digital Box–$2.95/mo


Vu-It App 

Easily stream or download recordings to your mobile device! (Bonus: You can also use the app to schedule recordings, control live TV, search for shows, and more!) Download it from the App Store or Google Play!

  • To login to the VU-IT app, you will need the email address and password that you registered with on

VU-IT Apple App

VU-IT Android App


HD DVR User Guide

HD DVR Quick Guide

Voice Remote User Guide


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