Wire Maintenance

DRN’s Wire Maintenance covers ALL your home's inside telecommunications wiring.

Wiring Protection—once limited to Telephone is now available for your Internet and Television Service too!

Starting at $5 per month

Wire Maintenance(1 yr. minimum service period)
Protect yourself from breakdowns in all your telecommunication's inside wiring and jacks.

What is it?
Provides trouble isolation AND repair of customer’s existing inside wire and jacks.

Why do I want it?
Think of it as a maintenance plan you might select for your major appliances, electronics, etc. For a nominal monthly fee, you can avoid a trouble trip charge you would incur if you need to call for telephone repair service. You will receive professional installation and repair services from the trained staff at DRN.

What does it cover?
If you experience problems such as ...static on the line...cutoffs...cannot hear, etc., your trouble isolation protection plan plus agreement will cover the charge for a DRN professional to come to your home, evaluate and repair the problem (provided the problem is caused by the wiring or jacks.) The technician may also be able to suggest an alternative to solve the problem.

Wire Maintenance
1 service
e.g. telephone service
$5.00 per month
2 services
e.g. telephone and internet
$6.00 per month
3 service
e.g. telephone, internet and television
$7.00 per month

What it doesn’t cover

  • Negligence or vandalism
  • Inside wiring that does not meet our installation practices or technical standards
  • New Installations
  • If home is an RV or camper
  • Customer Equipment: Telephone, Computer, Television, etc.