Computer Repair

DRN’s ReadiTech Computer Repair

Provides services including:

  • Free 15 minute diagnostic
  • Data Transfer
  • Data Recovery
  • Desktop, Laptop Restoration
  • Upgrades or Replacement to computer hardware

Call DRN today to receive your FREE 15 minute diagnostic allowing our technicians to determine the problems and provide you with suggested solutions for repair. DRN’s Computer Repair provides you with a full-service computer repair.

Have Web Guardian installed for $3.95/mo.

Questions to consider when calling in to request services
Describe the problem with your computer.

If the computer does not boot up at all, if not skip:
Did the computer sustain any physical damage (Was it dropped, or did it have liquid spilled on it)?
Was the computer plugged in to a surge protector, and did it stop functioning after a power outage?

How long have you been having these problems?

What was going on with the computer before the computer started acting up?

What have you tried to do to fix the problem so far, if anything?

Do you still have all the CD’s or DVD’s for all of the software that came with the computer or has since been installed on the computer?

Is this a laptop or a desktop?
*If this is a laptop, please bring in the power cord with the laptop

What is the phone number that a technician can reach you at during normal working hours?