Netflix Streaming Troubleshooting

First check to see if the website itself is experiencing any issues.

      o This site will show you if almost any site is having trouble or has had trouble in the past.


It is recommended that adjustments be made to the playback settings for optimum performance.

The steps are:
1. Log into your Netflix account.
2. Click on “Your Account” in the upper right hand corner.
3. Click on “Playback settings” under the “Your Profile” Section.
4. If “Auto Mode” is selected, change to the “High” option.
5. Click “Save”.
     The change to settings can take a few hours to take effect from Netflix, please be sure to allow for several hours to pass before changing the settings again.
     By changing off of the “Auto” setting, this will keep the service from trying to stream at a higher quality than the connection will support.
     If you try the High setting and you are still experiencing streaming issues, try moving down one tier, this may resolve the issue, and so on. This reminder, if you are attempting to stream HD content, you will need to be on the High or Auto settings, and you also have to be signed up for the Standard or Premium plan from Netflix. The Basic plan does not allow HD streaming.
     If you are still seeing streaming issue try and “hard wire” the streaming device to the internet if you are currently connected by wireless.