Too Good to be True?

  • Date: September 19, 2018
  • Author: Travis Anliker - Senior Sales Account Executive

We’ve all seen the ads that advertise a product or service that seems way too good to be true.  And most of the time that is exactly the case.  Why I am I bringing this up now?  There is a big push by certain satellite providers to provide Internet service around our part of the country.  The offers sound amazing, but make sure you are doing your research and reading the fine print before you decide to pull the plug on your current Internet provider.  Satellite companies offer what is called a metered service, meaning that you will have good Internet speeds up until you use a predetermined amount of data.  The largest package offered by satellite, that is currently available is a 50GB data package.  This is the amount of data that you will be allowed to download before your account is “throttled” down.  By throttling your service, you will go from advertised speeds of 25Mb to 1-3Mbs.  For comparison’s sake I looked up my own usage for the months of June thru August.  The lowest amount of data used at my house was 213GB.  We only have 3 people in our household and it never seems like we are home.  It really does not take long to burn through a ton of data. 

Let’s compare that to DRN’s standalone Internet package.  150Mb down X 100Mb up.  That’s 6 times more download speed and 4 times the upload speed with no data restrictions.  The cherry on top of that is no matter how cloudy or stormy it may be outside, your fiber optic fed Internet will still be flying right along.  What about the price?  DRN’s Internet only is $74.95.  The competition after their promo to get 50Gb of data a month is $145. 

Local service and tech support, capital credits, community involvement, and outstanding service doesn’t come from a satellite.